What is Whitetail.com?

Let's start at the core. Whitetail.com - or Whitetail, was established as a portal for one of this country's greatest niches, the hunting and outdoor lifestyle. However, even more specifically, it's aimed at those strategizing around, managing for, and pursuing America's #1 game animal, the whitetail deer. This bunch, though dwindling, not only boasts a rich tradition, but treasures, enjoys, and celebrates this all-encompassing lifestyle.

Safe-Space Social Media

While hunters and outdoorsmen can already participate within established social media channels, it's become more complicated in our new cancel culture society. Through a simple free membership, Whitetail is a gateway to social interaction solely between hunters. It's a safe space free of anti-hunter intrusion and content irrelevant to this precious part of the outdoor space. Translation; hunters can interact without fear of retribution, shadow-banning, and the like.


Through the Whitetail portal, members can introduce and respond to topical posts like any other social media channel. What you won't find is vacation photos from past friends or close ups of someone's Kung Pao Chicken. Here, photos, videos, and commentary associated with whitetail strategies, successes, and even humor are the norm - from passionate hunters from all over North America.

While Whitetail has a niche audience, it serves a diverse array of hunters. From deer leases, hunting clubs, permission parcels, and family farms to the public land jungle. It's all here.

In addition to the social media component, Whitetail offers hunting articles and videos aimed at entertaining and educating hardcore hunters of whitetails and other game. Categories include hunting stories, tactics, game/habitat management, and lifestyle content. From the guys and gals sitting over well-prepared food plots to those DIY junkies traversing public lands, we provide non-stop content from hunting authorities and everyday hunters alike.

We've also been known to do outstanding giveaways for great hunts and gear…

What We Believe

Whitetail's overarching philosophy is based on enjoying, celebrating, and sharing experiences within a community of like-minded individuals and we provide a safe space for it - whether you hunt from a tree stand, blind, or saddle or with bows, guns, or other legal means. We also promote real conservation in the fields, hills, and woodlots of North America, as well as hunting rights and best practices. Within this framework, inclusion is at the center of our philosophy. With that, we also believe in seeking and retaining new hunters to the great institution that is hunting and the outdoors.

More to Come (Always)

Whitetail is a portal built by and for people just like you. The evolution of our community and features will be non-stop. Put differently, it's only going to get bigger and better. Please join us on the journey.